Monday, October 20, 2014

3 battens concept with The Severne S.3

During the summer I got the chance of trying the hole range of the 3 battens concept sails from the 3.7 until the 5.0 and although at the beginning being quite aseptic my lack of confidence run out after trying it and got totally impressed.

This the main reason why I spent a lot of time sailing on them, not just limited to the Severne Sails, testing and comparing details with the other brands gives you a proper idea on what the concept is driven to and finally up to 6 different brands sailed on my hands. 

I have to say that this sails are basically made for side or side off condition, for down the line wave were you want a good relese of the power and a good response after the top turn. On this cases the light weight of this sails is a fact that anybody can denny and makes the rig an extension of your body surfing, following the moves and delivering when its need.

The truth is that not on all the brands tested on the 3 battens concept I had the same feeling of an optimized sail.  Easily you could see on some of the brands the lack of they test and development as you could feel on few others but I am happy to assure that the S.3 will deliver a very good sensation to the customer, allowing to enjoy one of the lightest and finest sail available for this 2015 season.

To be more specific there are few points to comment about the 3 battens sails:

Aspect Ratio (AR).                                                                                                                                 
Different brands, different ideas. The are attempts on having both possibilities as an example the Hot Maui Sail KS3 which presents have the "S" bend de-power system but the S.3 have a constant shape that offers a moderate low power deliver on the bottom of the sail that keep pressure while the leach release on top turns or while jumping.

On the middle batten the AR is flatter compared to others though it keep front pressure once you ask for power on the luff. This characteristics give a lot of response to the sail specially on wave riding on a similar way the S.1 does. Both sails are considerate a down the line wave riding product though are not limited to it.

The lower batten above or under the boom.                                                                                      
Paying attention on most of the 3 battens sails and the development made until know trying to optimize them delivering a light and efficient product I see a general move to keep the lower batten under the boom. Until now I don't see any significant advantage on having it above, it would be supposed to give more stability on the release through the leach but in my experience it give a very stiff feeling on the models I used most of them prototypes as  of all the brand I tried just one decided to keep it above.

Light weight and wider range of visibility.                                                                                           
This is the main point to work for a 3 battens concept. Having less battens gives more area for the plain panels and basically the central panel get the main responsibility to holds this, the biggest area. This is straight away and advantage on the visibility which is a big fact on the wave riding. On top of this it will offer a lighter version of any sail with more battens. Considering this sail a wave riding product another adavantadge to add on this models is how agile it feel on the bottom turn once you decide to low it and then pull it up until the top turn.

Big panels area and stability control.                                                                                                  
As the panels got bigger most of the brands get a common point on using structural reforcements, as Severne does on other models, the Spiderfiber is the responsible of bring down all the sceptic sailors for apparent instability of the 3 battens. Is here, where on my opinion few brands failed this 2015 as well.

Bigger or smaller.                                                                                                                                   
Apparently few big sailor had the chance to reduce the sail size though to the power delivery on certain brands thanks to the wide AR as the Ezzy Taka which deliver quite a lot of power. On the Severne S.3 a moderate caratcher its presure is delivered similar as a 4 or 5 battens sail. On the other hand as a light rider (75kg.) I can say that the S.3 have an exceptional release of power through the leach what allow me to use a bigger sail what means a bigger range for the model. 

Following the forecast. Holland

This time after Sylt instead of driving up to Scoltand as I did last year I decided to reduce the amount of hours on the wheels and just keep an eye on the forecast and try to combine the pleasure of windsurfing with visiting cities and this sort of things that the turist use to do. A new concept of traveling :P adn learning.

Is that clear? in Holland, Dutch rules!

Apparently the plan was promising and the Severne team mate, Jaeger Stone, decided to get on board and if it didn't work it was just an stop on the way to La Torche were the last event of the World Cup in Europe just before the Classic Starboard Severne PWA event in Maui. There we would join few friends from the PWA as Martin Ten Hoeve, Sarah Quita, Eva Ophie and Hester Andersen.

Martin doesn't look that tall here... :)

After leaving Sylt we stopped by my friends Trudo in Delft, Holland. Having there the chance of arranging the van that loaded to the top would make the sessions quite unconforatble to find the riggs and Trudo has the biggest garage ever seen in my live, trust me a paradise for packing the van.

Love this garage

So after one day of driving Wijk aan Zee, the main spot near Amsterdam, we finally get some action on 3.3 conditions with nice waves. It was a rush on my vanes having back the feeling of adrenalin flying as high as the wind was pushing full power... I shouldn't forget the padded underwear but nothing that my friends couldn't handle :)

Jaeger delivering spray on his Stone boards

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sylt Sylt Sylt... PWAA aaaarrrgggggg!!!

After traveling a long way from the Canary Islands to the north coast of Denmark, Klitmoller, driving on my super van full of gear ready for spending as many hours as possible in the water but with this lack of conditions  is when I really appreciate how fortunate I am living in such a paradise like the Canaries!

The PWA World Tour is not being as windy as we would like unfortunately although we've been sailing a lot during the summer the events that had place between the Canaries weren't that good either. This is what happens when you wanna play with the wind and the waves.

After running the last event, the Kia Cold Hawaii, in Klitmoller on the last day until the dark shut down the possibilities of keep going on we moved forward to next event with the biggest destination for the tour, Sylt, Germany for the David Cool Water Windsurf World Cup 2014.

We started here last Friday almost in a hurry with out the classic presentation because the wind forecast was tight on hours for suitable conditions and although we almost made it we missed 2 heats to make until closing the first round. I had the chance of trying to run my heat 3 times and personally I can say it was really on the limit with dead onshore and light wind. I had the chance of facing for first time one of my favorite riders in the tour, John Skye a super consistent rider and super nice person as well.

So next day although we make a early skippers meeting the Head Judge decided to postpone the possibility of continue those heats for the lack of wave and instead starting with the Slalom competition were I took place as well.

On the first heat I did it very bad from the very beginning starting around 10 meters from the starting line when the horn announce the beginning  of my head. Then on top of this I simply broke the harness line so I did the slowest catapult ever on a 7.0 and luckily I just fall good enough to water start and kept going on until the end.

The second heat was much better although any difference on my final result I did two good starting lines. I could say that is needed something else than a good starting for doing a doing a good heat so for the moment hoping for having another chance to rig a bigger sail as I would normally use and i WILL GO FOR IT with more commitment because I really wanna advance one heat on the slalom discipline. :)

Since then we will keep doing the Sup competition!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PWA Wind and Waves Festival 2014

After the first PWA waves event on the 2014 season  at  home, Pozo Izquierdo I just a quick review of the main points of this competition.

Celebrating 2 heat were even not performing my best I incorporate in the moves I had been training since the last year increasing my scoring on jumps. It is true that the waves riding has not been helping on the final score but I am aware of it considering how the evaluation was taken and what I failed on the waves.

My heat against Victor Fernandez was amazing! face to face with the winner of the event! He was throwing full powered waves 360 goiters doubles… he did his job and I did mine and I accepting that he is the top 3 guy from long time ago I tried to do the best and happy with it. My congratulations to him because he is a great example to follow as a rider and as a person as well. His consistency in the water performing incredibly stylish surf riding and even better on his jumping give me extra motivation to improve and keep learning in the water.

Tweaked Pushloop during my heat agaist Victor Fernandez

One Foot Backloop during the heat by Jose Piña 

It has been a shame that for second year in a raw the conditions had been so far from the what the world expect from Pozo izquierdo… and for us, the people who came and spend so long time training here, disappointing, considering the effort done.

On the other hand the PWA keep this trials system and as we just did a single elimination, the people coming from the trials have a 15 minutes heat to show that they are better than the top 8 guys. Nothing is impossible but in my opinion we could push the single elimination before and performing the double elimination the last day and it would be much fair for all the competitors and a bigger show for the media, the event organizers, the visitors because, to let you know, during this days we did absolutely  nothing apart of waiting for the green flag of the judges but this is Pozo and we had the conditions we sailed every single day although the conditions were "not suitable for the PWA criteria"

Now between Pozo and El Medano, Tenerife, I will keep training and sailing for the next event starting the 4th of August. Of course to try it again in the trials.

The day after the event by Jose Piña 

Monday, April 28, 2014


Strong winds brought me back to rig the 3.3 and 3.7 for five days in a raw. Quite uncommon for being still April but considering the winter  it just a little signal about what kind of summer is coming, maybe a classic summer breeze.

Has been really good moving back to such a small equipment so I was able to test few new set up for the last version of the Maui Ultra Fins. This model the X-Twin R bring to the family a more pure surfing style with a bit more c on the end of the fin. With this MUF brings the concept of early planning and awesome acceleration with the wave riding carvings with extra grip.

Super impressed with them and how much confident I feel on the Quad 74 and 9cm stabilizers and the Nuevo 80 and 73 which both give an excellent response to the new generation of Maui Ultra twin Fins.
New set up ready to go for the next season!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

SUP in EURO Paradise

SUPping ( Stand Up Paddel) the new water sport is starting to be more and more attractive session after session.

Personally I will incorporate few session a week on my schedule to train on one of the long downwinders. The 2h sessions of constant strokes and surfing the waves is a great cardio and core activity.  Enjoy the time training and having fun!

Following the text few pictures of the last session with Frithjof Sach, the father of Noelani Sach one of the most promising Stand Up Paddlers Atlheltes in the world. They did me a little approach to few technics for this amazing growing sport.

Is amazing how those Islands are giving us the possibility of doing so many things everyday for me this is what I dream of a paradise and this one is just on a 4h flight from most of the airport of Europe. What else do you want? 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to town, training mode ON

Here I am again in Pozo Izquierdo!

Now is time to prepare the coming season with trade winds which this year apparently did not stop during the winter. Training for the slalom, waves and jumping the Canary Island, specially here in Pozo Izquierdo give me the chance of spending many hour training in the water making myself ready for the coming 2014 tour.

This year I will attend to few other events in slalom which will provide me of a new experience but not forgetting that my main focus relay on the waves. For this reason I planned a warming up in the UK and Ireland with the BWA tour.

Until the next flight in town I will be working as usual, teaching to local people and few other foreigns who found in the island the chance of introduce themselves to windsurfing. Starting already with the Clasics Forwards Clinics that year after year become more popular on the general sailors who wants to challenge themselves or improve other techniques hand by hand with a Professional Windsurfing Instructor. So if you really wanna improve on a safety and comfortable feel free and let me know through my email and I will give you the best recommendation for making your windsurfing sessions successful. Please do not hesitate for other questions be welcome.

Be welcome to Gran Canarias, Pozo Izquierdo a real Windsurf Univerisity!