Sunday, July 27, 2014

PWA Wind and Waves Festival 2014

After the first PWA waves event on the 2014 season  at  home, Pozo Izquierdo I just a quick review of the main points of this competition.

Celebrating 2 heat were even not performing my best I incorporate in the moves I had been training since the last year increasing my scoring on jumps. It is true that the waves riding has not been helping on the final score but I am aware of it considering how the evaluation was taken and what I failed on the waves.

My heat against Victor Fernandez was amazing! face to face with the winner of the event! He was throwing full powered waves 360 goiters doubles… he did his job and I did mine and I accepting that he is the top 3 guy from long time ago I tried to do the best and happy with it. My congratulations to him because he is a great example to follow as a rider and as a person as well. His consistency in the water performing incredibly stylish surf riding and even better on his jumping give me extra motivation to improve and keep learning in the water.

Tweaked Pushloop during my heat agaist Victor Fernandez

One Foot Backloop during the heat by Jose Piña 

It has been a shame that for second year in a raw the conditions had been so far from the what the world expect from Pozo izquierdo… and for us, the people who came and spend so long time training here, disappointing, considering the effort done.

On the other hand the PWA keep this trials system and as we just did a single elimination, the people coming from the trials have a 15 minutes heat to show that they are better than the top 8 guys. Nothing is impossible but in my opinion we could push the single elimination before and performing the double elimination the last day and it would be much fair for all the competitors and a bigger show for the media, the event organizers, the visitors because, to let you know, during this days we did absolutely  nothing apart of waiting for the green flag of the judges but this is Pozo and we had the conditions we sailed every single day although the conditions were "not suitable for the PWA criteria"

Now between Pozo and El Medano, Tenerife, I will keep training and sailing for the next event starting the 4th of August. Of course to try it again in the trials.

The day after the event by Jose Piña 

Monday, April 28, 2014


Strong winds brought me back to rig the 3.3 and 3.7 for five days in a raw. Quite uncommon for being still April but considering the winter  it just a little signal about what kind of summer is coming, maybe a classic summer breeze.

Has been really good moving back to such a small equipment so I was able to test few new set up for the last version of the Maui Ultra Fins. This model the X-Twin R bring to the family a more pure surfing style with a bit more c on the end of the fin. With this MUF brings the concept of early planning and awesome acceleration with the wave riding carvings with extra grip.

Super impressed with them and how much confident I feel on the Quad 74 and 9cm stabilizers and the Nuevo 80 and 73 which both give an excellent response to the new generation of Maui Ultra twin Fins.
New set up ready to go for the next season!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

SUP in EURO Paradise

SUPping ( Stand Up Paddel) the new water sport is starting to be more and more attractive session after session.

Personally I will incorporate few session a week on my schedule to train on one of the long downwinders. The 2h sessions of constant strokes and surfing the waves is a great cardio and core activity.  Enjoy the time training and having fun!

Following the text few pictures of the last session with Frithjof Sach, the father of Noelani Sach one of the most promising Stand Up Paddlers Atlheltes in the world. They did me a little approach to few technics for this amazing growing sport.

Is amazing how those Islands are giving us the possibility of doing so many things everyday for me this is what I dream of a paradise and this one is just on a 4h flight from most of the airport of Europe. What else do you want? 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to town, training mode ON

Here I am again in Pozo Izquierdo!

Now is time to prepare the coming season with trade winds which this year apparently did not stop during the winter. Training for the slalom, waves and jumping the Canary Island, specially here in Pozo Izquierdo give me the chance of spending many hour training in the water making myself ready for the coming 2014 tour.

This year I will attend to few other events in slalom which will provide me of a new experience but not forgetting that my main focus relay on the waves. For this reason I planned a warming up in the UK and Ireland with the BWA tour.

Until the next flight in town I will be working as usual, teaching to local people and few other foreigns who found in the island the chance of introduce themselves to windsurfing. Starting already with the Clasics Forwards Clinics that year after year become more popular on the general sailors who wants to challenge themselves or improve other techniques hand by hand with a Professional Windsurfing Instructor. So if you really wanna improve on a safety and comfortable feel free and let me know through my email and I will give you the best recommendation for making your windsurfing sessions successful. Please do not hesitate for other questions be welcome.

Be welcome to Gran Canarias, Pozo Izquierdo a real Windsurf Univerisity!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Next Wave Clinic in Mui-Ne, Vietnam! 

The aim of the Clinic if to approach to most of the windsurfers in town to be able to enjoy a session on the conditions that Mui-Ne Bay offers with the North-East trade winds.

Starting with the main technical points on how to face our conditions from the very basic keys like rigging or choosing the right equipment the windsurfers will go through the steps to reach the point of how to cross the shore break, how to be ready for an early planning and make it to the line out of the waves. 

Of course the goal of all this is playing with the wave so we will go to the point of playing with the waves when the wind is driving us through it with on-shore conditions keeping pressure on the sail, doing proper bottom and top turn keeping as much as possible the speed on the board.

The sessions will be followed by I-saw cam from inside and outside with a camera man who will provide to all of us of the images of the naked truth of whats going on once in the water. This is probably the best tool to realize which are our strengths points and which are our weakness while riding.

The clinic for both days will have a cost of 100$ per person and will provide with fruit and water to all the participants and a dinner in Jibe's Restaurant at the end of the Clinic.

All this technics will allow you to keep growing in this incredible sport  with the techniques that all the pro-riders use in all their sessions which provides them the confidence to avoid any break in the equipment, our biggest treasure.

Feel free to contact for any question:

by Facebook on Albert Pijoan Monné or Albert Pijoan E-88
by phone at 0946449378

Sunday, February 23, 2014

15th FUN CUP Jibe's Mui Ne

Last Weekend was celebrated just after the Wave Classic the main windsurfing event here in Veitnam, The 15th edition of the FUN CUP RACE. 

It 's a well known competition for the support that receive from the council and the motivation of the main organizer Pascal Lefebvre, host of the last PWA event celebrate in the country and owner of the Jibe's Windsurfing Center and Full Moon Village, on of the first resorts to open in Mui Ne.

The contest bring to Jibe's Windsurfing Center a big amount of riders coming from many countries around the world. It's true that most of them are locals Vietnamese, foreign residents, regular visitors or temporal sailors in town like me but this doesn't change the fact of being really multi cultural event.

It gave to the event a really special feeling but what it is a common point between every single participant is that everybody comes to fight for the winners price giving which this year was a astonishing Starboard Wave 87l. Kode, Carbon edition. Have to say that the board stayed in the Jibe's shop since I landed in town and she was watching at me from the very beginning... I noticed it :)

The first day of races the fleet was split in two random groups with the goal of generate 5 winners on each group who will compete as a winners group for the trophies and the other will keep fighting to win the losers group.

I am not a really slalom racer but the conditions were quite hard to keep the I-sonics full charge with speed and the wash back makes the first mark very tricky with weird chops. I focused a lot on the starting line and I manage to win 3 of the 4 race being second on the 3 race so it gave me quite a bit of confidence for the following days but on the other fleet there were very fast racers using camber sails which compared to the Gator 5.5 that I was using I look like a kids rig. Remembering me one picture Pascal captured during the I-sonic test few weeks ago when Remi and Cyril were pulling in with the big 9.2 sails and I was just in the middle leading the Severne red battalion! for few seconds at least :)

The second day started promising with similar conditions which allowed sails with no cambers still have the chance of fighting for the board! Fun Cup is just the name faces told me that anyone will surrender easily. Me neither so all started with a second place on the first race. Not good enough but still in game. 

It was quite hard to see how the others were super fast, I had to be very consistent on the starting line, the gybes and the encounters with the other otherwise I won't have any chance the reach the leading.

Second race was cancelled for a controversy early starting of half of the fleet. Anyway I was second again which made me even more nervous  because I was feeling how much fasters the others were. 

Third race was a battle till the end when sailing third really close to the second and the first this one couldn't handle the gybe and allowed me to over take him while he was struggling with the sail but again another one riding faster than me. Second again!

Last race and still no clear leader. Didn't know exactly the position but I was really willing to win that leg or keep as close as possible to the first accepting at that point that I was just simply slower. Good starting, group of four all leading, on of the sailors tried to take advantage going more downwind trying to go faster but at the moment of the gybe was so much charge on the sail that he had to make it bigger allowing me to close the gybe on his upwind zone and killing his wind. Once I started planing he was already aware that in that gybe he lost the race and even without being first again the consistent 2nd place let me step on the first place of the 15th Fun Cup! 

I didn't expect to win but I was really happy, so long without winning nothing and the same week both windsurfing events in town. 

Do not forget the Kode Carbon 87l. jeje! and the bottle of Cava Freixent :)

For the rest of the story have a look at the clip which is actually really cool!

First Vietnam Wave Classic in my pocket!

WOW such a week

after few month totally out of competitions and just focused on working and windsurfing for fun last week in town has been celebrated two events where to play chase a bit with locals, residents and travelers.

It all started with a good forecast with some wave so the alarm was on for the first wave competition celebrated in Mui Ne. The organizer decided to wait for reasonable conditions to let the riders perform on waves in Mac Beach just 15 minutes driving up north the fishing village.

On Wednesday 14th  wind was blowing and wave were suitable for nice riding so all look ready for a the first wave contest in town.

After a couple of heats with many freestyle jumps going in and out the final was between the Russian sailor Evgen Yurtaev and me. The conditions were pretty on shore and I manage to land few backsides 360, takes and 360 revers with a classic combo for jumping of forward and a backy always tricky on such conditions. Looks like this Nuevo 80l. fits me perfect for this conditions specially with the Maui Ultra fins 15.5 X-twins, really happy with my equipment.

It give me the chance of winning the first wave contest celebrate in Vietnam, what from now they call it the Vietnam Classic.

Super happy of being in the water counting the minutes and scoring all the tricks on time!

After this event the Fun Cup was warming up on the other side of the Bay of Mui Ne, next post the hole story more pictures and a video as well!